It’s been a while since I’ve finished my AS Levels so I had to sort out all the stuff I accumulated during frantic last-minute studying to clear up space for A Level notes. I thought it would be a waste to simply let them sit and gather dust or to throw them away, so I decided to compile them on this site!

The subjects I did for AS were:

  • Chemistry (Edexcel)
  • Economics (CIE)
  • English Literature (Edexcel)
  • Mathematics (Edexcel)

I’ll also post some websites I found useful during revision period and any posts I think could come in handy.

I hope my notes can be of some help to your revision! Good luck, and enjoy studying your AS subjects (the key to surviving them, to be honest).

Final Revision for the Kite Runner

Writing notes for prose can be a long, arduous task as you’re dealing with a bulky body of text. Thus, I prefer making a summary booklet with key points once I finish the novel instead, along with links to resources I found useful. This may or may not suit your study style! Below are the notes I made for the Kite Runner.

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