Look We Have Coming to Dover!

(Note that analyses can vary widely, hence these annotations must only be used in conjunction with your own analyses).

Annotations of Look We Have Coming to Dover! by Daljit Nagra


Summary of the poem:

Title: Grammatical error — shows immigrants’ imperfect English.

Tone: plural inclusive pronoun, only mentions I towards the end. Collective effort. Narrator is one of the immigrants. Colloquial in some parts.

Summary: Dover is one of the most important entry points for immigrants into the UK

Structure: enjambment, structure is regular — shorter sentences at the top and longer at the bottom. Imitates waves, but may also imitate progress.

Themes: Transition, cultural experiences, contemporary issues, travel.

Devices used: Epigraph (contrasting in their messages), juxtaposition b/w immigrants and tourists, diction used suggests hidden things, personification, pathetic fallacy, consonance, lots of imagery.

Links to other poems: The Deliverer, You Shiva and my Mum, An Easy Passage (transition)


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