Themes in the Kite Runner

  • Nostalgia
    • Sort of romanticised. Links to memory/reflection
    • Bittersweet. When looking back, he
  • Memory + Reflection
    • Always looks back on things that has happened in his childhood
    • Lots of guilt intertwined in his narrative. Remorse is a major theme within this theme
    • Bitter feeling towards Baba’s actions (e.g. with Hassan, ‘He didn’t say anything. Not then, not ever. He just kept walking.’)
    • Has a strong sense of memory, not fading
    • Describes Hassan’s features is in great detail. Also reflects on what his friend is like, relates him to a doll. There’s something he associates Hassan with.
  • Religion + Discrimination
    • Pashtun vs. Shazarahs (?). Pashtun is seen as the superior tribe
    • e.g. when they were in school, made the Shazarahs as the bad people/enemy
    • The sin explanation: shows that the different lifestyles/cultures of Pashtuns (sunnis) and the Shia.
    • Shows how religion isn’t taken very seriously even though people pretend that it should be.
  • Sexuality
    • Sanaubar is objectified. ‘Tempted countless men into sin’
    • It is a great deal to the society — would be seen as dirtied, and humiliated. Taboo?
  • Relationships (Love/Hate)
    • Amir and his father; one-sided. Fears his father but that breeds love
    • Father still does little things for him and teaches his son a few things.
    • Strained due to the absence of a female figure.
  • Change
    • Afghanistan being occupied by Russia, them having to move out etc.
    • Amir and Baba having to adapt to USA, Amir having to grow out of his habits + Baba can’t

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